Sussed Scent

I've never really been a perfume kind of girl, especially not the ‘loyal to one brand’ kind. However, when I was returning from my sun soaked holiday in Ibiza, I couldn't resist taking a trip into Duty Free. From that moment onward, I had been converted. Not only into a perfume lover but... A BRONZE GODDESS. (Yes, the name went perfectly with my tan). It was like I was reliving my holiday all over again. The smell of sun cream, coconut and the fresh sea air all rolled into one bottle. Since my discovery I will certainly be stocking up.

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I know that this scent will trigger the happy times of summer and holidays. Even if it is a fragrance crime to be wearing a summer perfume in the height of autumn/winter, I will certainly be found guilty. Wearing a perfume that I love has made me feel confident in my own skin and although unseen to the human eye, I feel as though it completes my look.


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