Autumn in Paris

So, for my birthday present this year I was lucky enough to be surprised by my boyfriend who took me to PARIS!  This was way better than I had ever expected for a 20th birthday present! I could not believe it as I had always wanted to travel by Euro Star and Paris was the one place where I had been longing to go to since watching Mary Kate and Ashley’s Passport to Paris.

As we set off from King Cross I could not contain my excitement.  I got on board, Wasabi Sushi in hand, and took to our seats in which there was a French Mother and Son sitting opposite us, which got me even more excited than I already was, I do not know how that was possible. 

Overall we went for 2 nights, 3 days.  On the first night my boyfriend had booked us into this amazing restaurant called Matignon (http://matignon-paris.com/).  The atmosphere was amazing and as it was the 31st of October they were celebrating Halloween.  For starter I went for the ‘Calamari like Spaghetti’ and my boyfriend went for the Chicken Spring Rolls.  By the time the mains arrived, I was in heaven.  The Burger and the Steak both looked unbelievable, and to top it off, a side of typical French fries.  I have to say my experience at this restaurant was amazing and I would definitely recommend it to those who are travelling to Paris and want to experience real Parisian dining.  For those who want to stay up till the early hours to watch the sun rise, there is even a club in the downstairs of the restaurant! It felt like a real Sex and The City ‘An American Girl in Paris’ moment (although I’m British of course). 

I haven’t even got started on the Hotel yet! He chose this amazing boutique like hotel just off of Champs-Élysées which was just spotless and to top it off, a great location, seeing as Champs-Élysées is where all the main shops are, from Louis Vuitton to The Kooples, they’ve got it all. The Hotel was called Hotel Cristal, Champs-Élysées.  We decided not to eat breakfast at the hotel as it was 18 and all I really wanted was a typical croissant to get me into the Parisian mood. 

Obviously we couldn’t come to Paris without taking a look at the Eiffel Tower which was an amazing sight to see. The only thing I would say is to be careful of pick-pockets around that area.  We started walking in a direction off of the Arch de triumph roundabout (which is at the top of the Champs-Élysées Boulevard) and wanted to see whether we could find our own way to the tower, and with much luck, we did it! I had the most amazing time and would definitely recommend Paris to those couples who are looking for a bit of a romantic getaway.  Oh, and you cannot forget to visit the Food Shops such as The Lindt Store and Laudree, they topped the whole trip off for me as I am a great Chocolate and Macaroon lover.  


The LBD (Little Birthday Dress) Edit

So, it’s my 20th birthday coming up, a ultimate excuse for a new dress right?! There’s just something about adding a new item to my wardrobe that makes me feel extra happy. When searching for the perfect dress I think about what kind of colour/theme I am going for, then fire away on the internet searching for that amazing piece. As my birthday falls on the day before Halloween I am looking for that Gothic, yet elegant dress that shouts it’s that time of year to dress up and look the part. I really love the Gothic Victoriana trend that is in fashion at the moment. As the party season is fast approaching (faster than we all thought), I thought I would share with you some of my finds. I hope this has given you some inspiration for finding the perfect party dress.

The Bargain Buy

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This dress is from pretty little thing.com and comes in at an amazing price of £15. It’s on trend and a bargain, you can’t go wrong!. The lace brings a real elegant touch. Paired with some lace up heels this would be perfect for a night out on the town.  

The Girly Girl

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If your more of a girly girl and wanted to go for something a bit more chic then I’d suggest this feather trim dress which shouts elegant.  The fact it is a black dress means it would be a brilliant investment as it would look great for any dressy occasion.  

The Racey Lacey

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This is one of my favourites that I have found.  The lace gives a pretty feel, whilst the sheer material gives off a look which is perfect for Halloween.  Paired with a red lip and red heels you’re ready to party.  

                                                                        Navy Nights                                                                   

The Bell bottom sleeves on this dress highlight the current 70’s trend.  The embellishment gives just enough bling to look effortlessly chic.  Perfect for those with a smaller bust as the v neckline would enhance that area.  Shop Here


The classic little black dress never fails to impress.  Dress up with heels and a statement necklace to get the perfect party season look, or dress down with flats for the more casual effortless look. The scallop hemline gives an added touch to your average little black dress. Shop Here


Classic Rouge

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Moving away from the darker end of the colour spectrum, this dress is perfect for that simple, yet classy look, especially as the invites to Christmas parties start rolling in.  

Sparkle Spice

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The classic sequin party dress, one that never fails to stun.  A simple pair of black heels and you’re ready to go.  This winter white colour would really compliment tanned or olive skin. 

Thanks for stopping by. All of these dresses are based on my personal taste.  I hope this has given you some ideas when it comes to finding your perfect party/birthday dress :) 


Sussed Scent

I've never really been a perfume kind of girl, especially not the ‘loyal to one brand’ kind. However, when I was returning from my sun soaked holiday in Ibiza, I couldn't resist taking a trip into Duty Free. From that moment onward, I had been converted. Not only into a perfume lover but... A BRONZE GODDESS. (Yes, the name went perfectly with my tan). It was like I was reliving my holiday all over again. The smell of sun cream, coconut and the fresh sea air all rolled into one bottle. Since my discovery I will certainly be stocking up.

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I know that this scent will trigger the happy times of summer and holidays. Even if it is a fragrance crime to be wearing a summer perfume in the height of autumn/winter, I will certainly be found guilty. Wearing a perfume that I love has made me feel confident in my own skin and although unseen to the human eye, I feel as though it completes my look.



A Little Intro...

Hi, I'm Emma, A 19 year old girl living in London.  You're in the right place if you want to read up on anything from Fashion Styling to Lifestyle posts, the odd food topic is bound to pop up at some point too! Feel free to join me on my blogging journey and keep on the look out for a new post every Thursday. See ya then!